Cutting or shearing


The coat of the dog is shortened according to the breed standard or according to the wishes of the customer. So the hair can grow back healthy again.



Trimming is suitable for coarse-haired breeds, the rough top hairs are plucked by hand without the dog feeling pain. Only loose and already dead hair is removed. Trimming breeds should not be sheared as this destroys the coat and makes further trimming impossible. Trimming according to the species prevents skin irritations and itching.

Combing out the undercoat


If the undercoat becomes too dense, no more air gets to the skin and there is a risk of fur felting. The dead hair is colonized by bacteria and the dog muffles.

Claw and bale care


Overlong claws can lead to bad posture in the long run, they should be checked regularly and if necessary shortened accordingly. The spaces between the bales are freed from the hair or felting.

Ear care


Disturbing hair is removed and the ear is cleaned to prevent ear infections.

Expression of the anal glands.(Pressing out of the analglands)


We also empty your dog’s anal glands, but only if the dog shows the corresponding symptoms.

Dog washing


A nice bath after a long walk

Tick removal


We remove ticks professionally



Pick-up and delivery service

We are happy to pick up your dog at home, and after the dog care we bring him back.

Please inform when you’ll make an appointment with us!

Free dog care for puppies up to 5 months

At The Dog Company the first dog care for your puppy (up to 5 months) is free of charge.
This is to avoid that the hairdresser visit for your dog degenerates into stress and he gets used to the procedures of the care already in the puppy age.