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Hundesalon. Hundefutter und Hundezubehör. Wellness für Hunde. Gratis Parkplatz.
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Dog-cat hairdressing salon in Strassen.

Since June 2010 our professionally equipped hairdressing salon The Dog Company exists, with own customer parking directly in front of the door in Strassen, Route d´Arlon Nr. 321. (only 500 meters away from the supermarket Belle-Etoile)
The owner Simone Urbing-Breger, as well as 3 other dog hairdressers, each with several years of experience, take care of the well-being of your four-legged friend every day with a lot of animal love.
We also sell ACANA’s award-winning Biologically Appropriate dog and cat food in our shop.
The dog food brands of ROBUR, DR CLAUDER`S and CHRISTOPHERUS can also be purchased from us, as well as dog accessories such as dog leashes, collars, professional dog shampoos, dog brushes, tick collars and much more.……
  • Opening Times

    • Day                                        Time
    • Monday                               9.00 – 17.30
    • Tuesday                               9.00 – 17.30
    • Wednesday                         9.00 – 17.30
    • Thursday                             9.00 – 17.30
    • Freitag                                 9.00 – 17.30

Our Service
Cutting or shearing

Cutting or shearing

The coat of the dog is shortened according to the breed standard or according to the wishes of the customer. So the hair can grow back healthy again.


Trimming is suitable for coarse-haired breeds, the rough top hairs are plucked by hand without the dog feeling pain. Only loose and already dead hair is removed. Trimming breeds should not be sheared as this destroys the coat and makes further trimming impossible. Trimming according to the species prevents skin irritations and itching.
Combing out the undercoat

Combing out the undercoat

If the undercoat becomes too dense, no more air gets to the skin and there is a risk of fur felting. The dead hair is colonized by bacteria and the dog muffles.
Claw and bale care

Claw and bale care

Overlong claws can lead to bad posture in the long run, they should be checked regularly and if necessary shortened accordingly. The spaces between the bales are freed from the hair or felting.
Ear care

Ear care

Disturbing hair is removed and the ear is cleaned to prevent ear infections.
Expression of the anal glands.(Pressing out of the analglands)

Expression of the anal glands.(Pressing out of the analglands)

We also empty your dog’s anal glands, but only if the dog shows the corresponding symptoms.
321 route d´Arlon
L-8011 Strassen
Arrange an appointment today – (+352) 26 11 93 75 – info@thedogcompany.lu